2018 Property Tax Notices

Property taxes are payable by July 3, 2018, after which time a 10% penalty will be added to any unpaid current year taxes.  No exemption from taxation or penalty is conferred by reason of non-receipt of the Property Tax Notice.

Payment of your property taxes can be made by mail; in person at City Hall; or by phone or internet banking; as well in person through most financial institutions.

  • Please allow time for your payment to arrive at City Hall prior to the due date;
  • Cheques post dated to July 3, 2018 will be accepted at City Hall;
  • Post marks on mailed remittances will not be considered as date of payment; and
  • Receipt of electronic payments will be recorded at the date and time the funds arrive in the City’s bank account and not when the payment is transmitted by your financial institution.

Regardless of the method of payment, eligible property owners must complete the Home Owner Grant application that is attached to the bottom of the Tax Notice and remit it to City Hall in order to claim the Grant.

You can also apply for the Home Owner Grant online:
Home Owner Grant

Penalties apply to Home Owner Grants not claimed by July 3, 2018.