West Fernie OCP Amendment and Rezoning Project

West Fernie OCP Amendment and Rezoning Project


 As of the 18th of December 2017, both phases 1 and 2 of West Fernie have been incorporated into the City of Fernie. The project has been underway for several years and the RDEK is still completing the new infrastructure project. As part of the inclusion of West Fernie in the City, we recognize the need to update our Official Community Plan and our Zoning Bylaw.

In 2017, we undertook a community survey and held a citizen workshop to gauge community desires and to help develop an OCP amendment and new Zoning that reflects community needs and the desires of residents. To assist with the project an advisory committee was appointed by Council that is largely made up of West Fernie residents.

Where are we now?

The draft OCP and Zoning bylaw amendments will be presented to Council for first and second readings at their regular meeting on March 26th, 2018 (7pm). These drafts have been developed through the information collected from the community through the survey and workshop and the feedback we received on the drafts in January and February of 2018. Please note that a new Animal Control Bylaw is intended to include the regulations and standards for the keeping of backyard chickens in West Fernie. We intend to bring that bylaw to Council on April 9th and before the public hearings for the OCP and Zoning amendments.

OCP Amendment Overview

The proposed OCP amendments cover many topics. The City’s current OCP and several our other planning documents including the Leisure Services Master Plan and the Trails Master Plan contemplated improvements in and through the West Fernie area. It was illuminating to learn from citizen feedback that these documents were largely reflective of current community expectations in West Fernie.

The West Fernie OCP amendment includes, among other things, a new neighbourhood description, revised maps and development permit areas, and policies regarding trail development, Thomson Park planning and management, and urban agricultural pursuits. The amendment combines the feedback received through the survey and workshop with existing OCP policy developed through the extensive participation of City residents in 2014.

Zoning Overview

The feedback we received from the community was to maintain the majority of West Fernie as Residential with some commercial, parks and other zones. Amendments to the definitions section and general regulations will also been necessary. The new zones are:

RWF – Low Density Residential-West Fernie

RWF1 – Low Density Residential – West Fernie Steep Slope

CWF – West Fernie Mixed Use Zone

A1 – Agricultural Zone

Changes have also been proposed remove beekeeping and other animal related regulations from the Zoning Bylaw and into a new Animal Control Bylaw the intent is to permit chickens, duck and bees in limited numbers in West Fernie in accordance with the proposed regulations. .

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